Best Time To Visit Naran Kaghan


A Heaven for the explorer and nature lovers. The Naran Kaghan valley is an all-year-round destination.

However, because of offering a wonderful escape from the scorching heat, November to March is the best time for visiting the Naran kaghan valley, A number of tourist enthusiasts love to organize a tour in winters as well. Doesn’t matter in which season you travel, a colourful state never fail to great pleasure you with something special.

Summer Season in Naran Kaghan

Naran kaghan valley has enjoyed worldwide repute as the blissful summer destination for a long time to the adventurer. In fact, the state still maintains that glory. Summers in Naran kaghan valley begins from April and extend till august. Owing to featuring pleasant the weather, these months prove to be the best time for naran kaghan valley trip. Although the sun shines brightly throughout the day it not bothers anyone. Always it temperature very cooler. Thus,this is also the best time for camping for enjoying in Naran kaghan which leaves a long-lasting impression on your mind.

Another way to visit the Naran kaghan valley in summer is that you can step out for sightseeing anytime you want. During the season summer, you can find the tourist spots in Naran valley and spend most of your vacation days. In that situation, Naran kaghan valley opens up in the month of March/ June. Thereby, offering unlimited joy to tourist enthusiasts and the ones planning to visit Naran kaghan valley by bike. Also, this is the best season for enjoying wildlife safaris. In that situation, for adrenaline

Junkies, the good time for river &  lake rafting in the Naran kaghan valley starts from march and lasts till August. Honeymooners can also cherish the romantic phase of their life at Naran kaghan on summer days.

Monsoon Season in Naran kaghan

The state undergoes a wonderful transformation among the monsoon. i.e.,from May till September. However, besides making Naran kaghan breathtakingly beautiful, the heavy rainfall also makes the landside-prone. That being said, starting the rainy season is still recommended as a good time for organizing a tour to Naran kaghan valley.

The rainy season of Naran kaghan brings along with it many occasions for everyone like sighting tourist, birds and nature explorer. For this reason, It is a good time for birds and fragrance flowers to watch in the Naran kaghan valley. In this situation, it is a good time to witness the place in all its beauty of Naran. Although avid travellers can skip visiting the Naran kaghan valley in monsoon conventional visitors can’t miss this good chance. in this case, less the crowd, you can avail yourself of the best opportunities. What else one wants to enjoy life to the fullest.

Winter Season in Naran Kaghan Valley

Months between September and February mark the arrival of winter. Along with this, the snowfall season in Naran kaghan valley starts in November and runs till February. November and January are the coldest months of Naran kaghan and it is a good time to visit Naran kaghan valley for snow falling. If you desire to experience the great beauty of this place among the snowfall, then it is the perfect time to visit and organize a tour with the buddies.

Again newly beautiful married couples can get a feel of being in Switzerland while organizing their honeymoon tour in Naran kaghan valley during the winter season. It makes them happy and joyful. Be it for heritage trips. Also, they attend beautiful festivals of the naran kaghan. It is a good time for trekkers & explorer, can explore it a good time to go trekking and hiking so as to delight in some of the fascinating moments of their life. also, you can be paragliding in the Naran kaghan during the month of august .making it a good time of the year for paragliding in Naran kaghan valley.

Select any of the seasons of Naran kaghan and you will find it a good time to explore the beauty of Naran kaghan and enjoy a beautiful landscape from the city life at Naran kagha valley.

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