Our Team

Welcome to the heart and soul of Tour My Pakistan – our incredible team! Comprising passionate individuals with a shared love for exploration and a deep connection to the rich tapestry of Pakistan’s diverse landscapes and cultures, our team is dedicated to curating unforgettable travel experiences.

Meet our seasoned travel experts, each bringing a unique set of skills and knowledge to the table. From experienced guides intimately acquainted with every nook and cranny of Pakistan’s historical sites to creative minds crafting immersive itineraries, we are united by a common goal: to showcase the breathtaking beauty and hidden gems of Pakistan to the world.

Driven by a spirit of adventure and a commitment to responsible tourism, we strive to create not just trips but transformative journeys. Whether you’re craving the tranquility of serene valleys, the thrill of high-altitude treks, or the enchantment of ancient civilizations, our team is here to turn your travel dreams into reality.

Join us on this expedition of discovery, and let Tour My Pakistan be your trusted companion in unraveling the mysteries and wonders of this incredible land.

Our Team

Meet the visionary leader behind Tour My Pakistan, our CEO [Muhammad Sakhawat]. With a profound passion for travel and an unwavering commitment to showcasing the beauty of Pakistan, [M Sakhawat] drives our company forward.

M Sakhawat (CEO)

Meet the mastermind behind the seamless online experience at Tour My Pakistan – our Website Manager. From optimizing user interfaces to keeping content fresh and engaging, Imran works tirelessly behind the scenes. Imran’s, virtual exploration of Pakistan is not just informative but a user-friendly adventure in itself.

Imran Hafeez (Site Manager)

Syed Ahsaan Hussain, the dedicated and dynamic manager at Tour My Pakistan. A seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in the travel industry, Ahsaan brings a unique blend of leadership and passion to our team. Known for his meticulous planning and commitment to excellence, Ahsaan oversees the seamless execution of our travel experiences. With a deep love for Pakistan’s diverse landscapes and cultures, he ensures that every journey is not just a trip but an unforgettable adventure.

Syed Ahsaan Hussain (Manager)

Meet Saddam Shah, our charismatic and knowledgeable Tour Guide at Tour My Pakistan. With a deep love for storytelling and a passion for showcasing the hidden treasures of Pakistan, Saddam is your friendly companion on the journey of discovery. His expertise extends beyond historical facts to the heart of local cultures, providing a rich and immersive travel experience.

Saddam Shah (Senior Tour Guide)

Welcome to Tour My Pakistan, where we transform your travel dreams into unforgettable journeys. As a premier travel company, we take pride in showcasing the breathtaking beauty and rich cultural tapestry of Pakistan. Our passion for exploration and commitment to excellence drive us to curate immersive and personalized travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Whether you seek the majestic landscapes of the northern mountains, the historical wonders of ancient cities, or the vibrant cultural scenes of bustling markets, Tour My Pakistan is your trusted companion in discovering the hidden gems of this diverse and enchanting country. With a team of seasoned travel enthusiasts and local experts, we invite you to embark on a seamless and memorable adventure with us. Explore Pakistan with Tour My Pakistan, where every trip is a celebration of the extraordinary.

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