Top 10 Places to Visit in Skardu


Skardu is a beautiful tourist destination in Gilgit Baltistan in the northern area of Pakistan. Skardu is the best and most visited tourist destination in Pakistan. Foreigners love to visit Skardu. The worlds 2nd highest peak K2 is in Skardu. PIA operates daily two flights in summer from Islamabad to Skardu. Skardu remains closed in winter because of heavy snowfall.

Here are Top 10 Places to Visit in Skardu

1: Blind Lake

The blind lake is a panoramic lake located on a 1-hour drive from Skardu city near Shigar Valley. The lake located on the way to Shigar valley. This lake is surrounded by Indus River from one side and the Shigar river from to another side.

Blind Lake Skardu

2: Manthoka Waterfall

Manthoka waterfall is located in the Khaplu valley in Skardu. It is the most beautiful place in Skardu. You cannot place your hand in the freezing cold water of the Manthoka waterfall. Its water is very much cold you can’t place your hand over one mint of its freezing water. Manthoka waterfall is at almost 2 hours’ drive from Skardu city.

Manthoka Waterfall

Photo By: Qammar Wazir Photography

3: Katpana Lake and Katpana Desert

Located on 10 mints from Skardu city Katpana Lake and desert is the most beautiful place in Skardu. Beautiful desert and lake where meets mountains and snow. It’s the place where you are not afraid of heat like other deserts. The beauty of Katpana Lake and Desert is mesmerizing.

4: Satpara Lake

Satpara Lake is located 8KMs in the south of Skardu and it takes 20 mints by jeep to reach Satpara Lake. The lake is surrounded by high mountains. Satpara Lake has an island in the mid of its crystal clear water which can be reached by boat.


5: Upper Kachura Lake

Upper Kachura Lake is 2km away from Kachura or Shangrila Lake. It can only be accessed by a jeep yet car can also be driven on it but no recommended as road is not so good better to use the jeep to visit the beautiful Upper Kachura Lake. This is the best place for boating.

Upper Kachura lake Skardu

6: Lower Kachura Lake or Shangrila Lake

Lower Kachura Lake also known as Shangrila Lake. It is almost at the elevation of 2499m. Shangrila Lake is a few KM away from the Upper Kachura Lake and captures tourists because of its mesmerizing beauty. The dense deep forest around the lake with red color luxury cottages and snow-covered mountains makes an amazing combination for the visitors. Moreover here you will find a rare diversity of flora and fauna.

Shangrila lake Skardu

7: Khaplu Fort

Khaplu palace locally known as Yabgo Khar(meaning “The fort on the roof”), is an old fort and palace located on 3 hours’ drive from Skardu city. The Khaplu Palace considered an architectural heritage and tourist attraction. It was built in the mid of 19th century replacing an old earlier fort located nearby. Khaplu Palace was served as a royal residence for the Raja of Khaplu valley.

Khaplu Fort Skardu

8: Deosai

Deosai is located on 2 hours’ drive from Skardu city. It is the most beautiful and most amazing place in Skardu. You will be amazed by its magical landscape while according to locals bear 1400 different types of plants and flowers. The view of surrounding the area is exceptional. Deosai can only be accessed by Jeep.


9: Basho Valley

Basho valley is located on 3 hours drive from Skardu city and can only be reached there by 4×4 jeeps. Basho valley is a very beautiful and astonishing valley in Skardu. The valley is famous for camping, surrounded by the dense alpine forest under mighty peaks. The valley has beautiful green pastures and clear water streams. This valley is heaven for camping lovers. Basho valley is the perfect camping spot in Skardu. Tourists can witness the beautiful shining stars during the camping in Basho valley. Tourists should have this place on must-visit in Skardu to have the best camping experience ever in a lifetime.

Basho Valley Skardu

10: Shigar Valley

Shigar valley is located on 51km away from Skardu city. It is the best place to visit in Skardu. Places to visit in Shigar are Shigar fort, Embarric mosque, blind lake, Sarfarnga desert, gram chashma, and many more places are there to visit in Shigar valley.

Space Hotel & Eden Huts Shigar Skardu

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