Neelum Valley

Neelum valley a majestic greenish valley is located in Azad Kashmir along Neelum River. The valley is opposite to Indian occupied Kashmir. The valley is almost 144 KM long valley. The valley is very beautiful and most visited valley in Pakistan Azad Kashmir. There are many beautiful lakes and greenish meadows to visit. Neelum valley has beautiful and cheap price hotels for overnight stay. The most beautiful and majestic places in Neelum valley are Kutton, Keran, Sharda, Rattigali, ArrangKel, and Taobut. Chita Katha Lake and Baboon top are 2 most beautiful places in Neelum valley. For the ease of tourists, we have listed below the best and cheap hotels of different places in Neelum valley. Neelum valley is not a big valley it is a remote area so there aren’t any good 5-star hotels in Neelum valley. Neelum valley is known as the cheapest tourist destination.

Kutton Waterfall
Kutton Waterfall

Hotels in Neelum Valley | List of Hotels in Neelum Valley

There are different places to visit in Neelum valley. Check out the best hotels in different places of Neelum valley below.

Hotels in Kutton Neelum Valley

  1. Kutton Jagran Resort or Kutton Resort
  2. State Continental Guest House Kutton
  3. Valley trekkers Guest House Kutton

Hotels in Keran Neelum Valley

  1. Twin Hills Resort Keran
  2. Keran Residency Keran
  3. Pine Park Lodges Keran
  4. Poshmal Guest House Keran
  5. Neelum Star Guest House Keran
  6. Keran Resort by Valley Trekkers Keran
  7. PTDC Motel Keran
  8. Midway Lodges Keran
  9. Highland Resort Keran
  10. Corner Cottages Guest House Keran
  11. Pakistan Guest House Keran
  12. Kashmir Colors Guest House Keran
Neelum Valley
Keran Neelum Valley

Hotels in Upper Neelum or Upper Keran

  1. Green Village Resort Upper Neelum
  2. SunShine Guest House Upper Neelum
  3. Tourism Rest House Upper Neelum
Upper Neelum
Upper Neelum

Hotels in Dawarian Neelum Valley

  1. Ratti Gali Guest House Dawarian
Dawarian Neelum Valley
Dawarian Neelum Valley

Hotels in Sharda Neelum Valley

  1. State Continental Guest House Sharda
  2. Neelum Star Guest House Sharda
  3. Kashmir Lodges Guest House Sharda
  4. Highland Resort Sharda
  5. Valley walkers Guest House Sharda
  6. Wadi Resort Sharda
  7. Sharda Resort by Valley trekkers Sharda
  8. Shangrila Sharda Resort Sharda
  9. Benazir Guest House Sharda
  10. Sharda Residency Sharda
  11. Abbasian Guest House Sharda
  12. Dreamland Guest House Sharda
  13. Gassh Valley Guest House Sharda
Sharda Neelum Valley

Hotels in Kel Neelum Valley

  1. State Continental Guest House Kel
  2. Al Habib Guest House Kel
  3. AJK Tourism Rest House Kel
  4. Oriental View Guest House Kel
Kel Neelum Valley

Hotels in ArrangKel Neelum Valley

  1. Musk Deer Resort Arrangkel
  2. Pop Eye’s Guest House ArrangKel
  3. Corner Cottages Guest House ArrangKel
  4. Safe land Guest House ArrangKel
  5. Elysium Guest Hosue ArrangKel
  6. Heaven in Hills Guest House ArrangKel
ArrangKel Neelum valley
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Hotels in Taobut Neelum Valley

  1. Chinar Resort Halmat Taobut
  2. Al Syed Shabistan Guest House Taobat

How to book Hotels in Neelum Valley

Neelum valley is nearest tourist spot from Islamabad. Hotels in Neelum valley remains fully booked in the summer season. So it is suggested that you must book hotels in Neelum valley in advance to avoid any inconvenience. We are offering hotels and guest house booking in Neelum valley at cheap rates. You can book hotels in Neelum valley online with us at cheap rates.