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Perhaps, you are planning a breathtaking visit to northern areas or searching for Pakistan Tour Guide. This blog is a comprehensive source of information about tourist places and tourism activities in Pakistan.
Our goal is to provide you information about worth visiting places, lodging facilities, Pakistan tour packages, and feasible ways to reach there.

In this blog, we will discuss important factors about tourism such as Naran Kaghan tours and other visits northern areas of Pakistan. This important information will enable you to plan your trips in more detail. We hope this blog will help you to plan your Pakistan tour. We have mentioned all beautiful tourist places in Pakistan in this blog along with hotel details + places to visit let us know if you need any other details about tour Places in Pakistan we will provide you a complete guide or you can book Pakistan tour with us. We provide a fully guided Pakistan tour including each and everything like transport, hotels, guide, and food. We have a complete travel solution available let us know if you need anything regardings Pakistan tours. We offer to rent a car service for Pakistan tour you can also take our rent a car service from Hunza, Gilgit, and Skardu.

Here are the best places to visit in Pakistan.

Islamabad Centaurs Mall

Hunza Valley

This valley is full of hills situated in the Gilgit-Baltistan region. It is famous for the presentation of its regional handicrafts, embroidered caps, handmade carpets, shawls, and other relevant stuff. This marvelous place is located in the northern part which is the adjoining area with Afghanistan & China.

Baltit Fort Hunza

Places to Visit in Hunza


This heaven-like place adds value by covered mountains with glowing snow is the first most attraction of Hunza valley.


This beautiful bunch of cultural diversity, generous people welcomes always with smiling face. This is the most modern living area of the valley.

Baltit Fort

The traditional Tibetan enriched with Balti architectural legacy is more than 800 years old.

Altit Fort

Loaded orchards of apricots and lush gardens of cherries associated with marvelously design small cafes enhance the beauty of primeval fort.

Eagle Nest

The highest mountain peaks where you can enjoy the perfect view of the whole valley with a chilly wind.

Attabad Lake

After a disastrous incident in January 2010, this point turned in to the prime attraction for the tourist while visiting Hunza valley. People from all around the world specially come there for fishing, boating, and other entertainment purposes.

Attaabad Lake Hunza
Attaabad Lake

Hotels in Hunza

  • Old Hunza Inn Karimabad
  • Haider Inn Karimabad
  • Mulberry Hotel
  • Hilltop Hotel
  • Hunza View Hotel
  • Eagle Nest Hotel Duikar
  • PTDC Motel
  • Hotel Darbar
  • Sareena Hotel


This is 6 miles wide and 25 miles long valley at the convergence of the Shigar and Indus rivers.

This is, in fact, the gateway to all the other attractions and places all across Gilgit Baltistan.

If you wanted to access places like K-2, Deosai Plains or Nanga Parbat. Distance from Hunza to Skardu is 286 KM.

You can either take flight or you can take the road. Via roads, it is probably a long journey about 20 hours packed with incredible places including the valleys of Naran, Kaghan and Babusar Top.  The easiest way to reach Skardu is a one-hour flight which approximately costs $200.

Shangrila Resort Skardu

Hotels in Skardu

  • Sehrish Guest House Skardu
  • Dewanekhas Hotel
  • Hotel Himalaya Skardu
  • Shangrila Resort Skardu
  • Space Hotel Shigar
  • Tibet Motel Shangrila Skardu
  • Sarena Shigar Fort Residence
  • Sarena Khaplu Palace
  • Adventure Ghazi Resort Skardu
  • Snowland Palace Guest House Skardu
  • PTDC Motel Skardu
  • Caprafal Hotel Skardu
  • Mashabrum Hotel Skardu
  • Mountain Lodges Skardu


Swat is the beautiful valley in the district of province KPK Pakistan. Queen Elizabeth II termed this venue as “the Switzerland of the east” During her visit to Pakistan in the 1960s.

This culturally enriched historic area covered with elegant sceneries, water streams, and rivers going along roads.

Gabin Jabba Camping Pods
Gabin Jabba Swat

Places to Visit in Swat

Malam Jabba

This is 9000 ft above sea level is a hill station which has a distance of 40 KM from the Saidu Sharif and 55 km from Mingora  It approximately takes 6-7 hours to reach Mingora from Islamabad and further one & half hours to enjoy the Malam Jabba top.


Kalam is the valley of the dark & dense forest with reasonable temperature. It is imagined as a paradise with white streams and glaciers. It is 95 KM far from the Mingora city with zig-zag and bumpy roads, but natural beauty will capture your mind during this drive. Trout fish is the most striking reason to visit this amazing spot.

Kumrat valley

Kumrat, a beautiful spot ideal of every swat tour guide distance at 52 Kilometers from Kalam. This is accessible by jeep tracks clad with interesting views.

Kumrat Valley is gracefully packed with the rocky mountains, flowing river, lush trees and the sharp golden shine of naked peaks.
A beautiful waterfall with dense forest tracks and flourishing meadows have the complete pulling power for tourism
Hotels with average pricing and Camping areas are available all along the tracks.

Kumrat Valley
Kumrat Valley

Hotels in Kalam

  • New Honey Moon Hotel (beautifully furnished riverside place to stay)
  • Green Hotel Kalam          (Superior Architecture and location)
  • The Honey Moon Hotel   (Moderate pricing) (Preferable for groups)
  • Al Khaleej Hotel                (Simple & less expensive)
  • Hotel Diamond Hills         (Situated on the main road of Kalam valley)
  • Green Palace Hotel           (budget-friendly hotel)
  • Summer Queen Hotel       (Best place to view around the river) (a little bit costly)

Neelum Valley

This is one of the gorgeous places of Azad Kashmir and it’s named after the blue water “Neelum River”. It is also termed as “Wadi e Neelam”. It contains a chain of hills and mountains with great lush green valleys. The valley has a bulky jungle, watercourse, and rivers. This valley is fully packed with natural attraction for tourists from the whole country and all around the globe. There are two easiest ways to reach the valley, one via Kaghan valley and the second is Noori Top.

Neelum valley Ratti Gali Lake
PC: Fahad Mustafa

Hotels in Neelum Valley

  • Paradise Hotel Keran
  • Green Village Resort Keran
  • SunShine Guest House Keran
  • PTDC Motel Keran
  • Pine Park Lodges Keran Neelum
  • Midway Lodges Keran Neelum Valley 
  • Kutton Jagran Resort
  • Sharda Neelum River side resort
  • Wadi Resort Sharda
  • Highland Hotel Sharda
  • State Continental Sharda
  • State Continental resort Kutton
  • State Continental resort Kel
  • Musk Deer Resort ArrangKel
  • Pop Eyes Guest House ArrangKel

Naran Kaghan

Naran is situated on the upper side of Kaghan which is a part of Mansehra KPK. It is almost 74 miles from Mansehra and 40 miles from Babusar Top. Distance from Murree to Naran is almost 186 KM.

It remains always chill with the average temperature of 10.1 c with the dominating meadows. Kaghan is a valley with a mountain climate in the Mansehra KPK Province of Pakistan. This region is spread around 96 miles across the northern areas of Pakistan with the highest point of Babusar Pass. There is thick pine forest, clear lakes. Kaghan is prominent due to its charming beauty and landscape. It offers simply amazing tracking & hiking opportunities to the visitors.

Naran Kaghan

Hotels in Naran

  • Millennium Inn Hotel Naran
  • Pine Park Hotel and Resorts Naran
  • Fairy Meadows Hotel Naran
  • Rose Valley Hotel Naran
  • Swiss Wood Cottages Naran
  • Hotel One Naran by Pearl Continental
  • Hotel One Plus Naran
  • Afaq Hotel Naran
  • Sayyam Heights Hotel Naran
  • Farhan Hotel Naran
  • Kunhar View Hotel Naran
  • Galaxy Hotel Naran
  • Arcadian Peridot Resort Naran
  • Arcadian Inn Hotel Naran
  • Cloud Way Hotel Naran
  • Maisonette Hotel Naran
  • Grey Walls Resort Naran
  • Arcadian Lodges Naran
  • Fircrest Lodges Naran
  • Demanchi Hotel Naran
  • Saifulmalook Hotel Naran
  • Heritage Huts Naran
  • PTDC Motel Naran
  • Pine Top Hotel Naran
  • Islamabad Tourism Hotel Naran
  • Centurion Hotel Naran
  • Naran Hotel Naran

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