Locally known as Pakistan’s Switzerland after Queen Elizabeth II called it “Switzerland of the East”, in the 1960s, Swat Valley is now a popular tourist destination. Combination of cultures, cuisines and breath-taking landscapes just like the little pearl in the Indian ocean, the Swat Valley is a charming valley nestled in the northern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, near the Afghan-Pakistan border. Away from the bustling urban life, the scenic valley is beautifully adorned with green meadows, clear lakes, and crowned by the magnificent snow-capped mountain ranges.

When is the best time to visit Swat?

March to October is the best time for holidays in Swat. The enchanted valley, especially lower Swat keeps seducing nature lovers through its magnificent mountains, greenery landscape, and running streams and meadows, making it a year-round tourist destination.


Most of the valley is dwelled by ethnic Afghans/Pashtuns. Thus, the most common languages spoken in the swat valley area are Pushto and Kohistani. However, nowadays Urdu and English are also widely spoken by the locals, especially the younger generation.

Swat Valleys Culture & Heritage- Gifts and Souvenirs

Swat is known for its unique culture. For those who want to bring home some unique gifts and souvenirs, the valley has a lot to offer. Handmade Swati ornaments, decorative household articles, Swati embroidered items, as well as handicrafts, are famous items which fill in the luggage of tourists when they leave the valley.

Swat Valley The Switzerland of Pakistan

A few of the many tourist spots in Swat Valley include the famous historical Buddhist Stupas, Swat museum, Margazar, White Palace, Fizza Gat and for nature lovers looking for amazing landscape and cool breeze there is Mahodand, Kundal, Khapiro, Ushu, Bahrain as well as Spin Khawar and much more!

Swat Valley Tour Packages

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