Naran Kaghan Travel Guide 2024


The fabulous Naran Kaghan valley is on every vacation calendar of domestic and international travelers due to its beautiful places. With its beautiful lakes, greenish hill stations, Naran promise a perfect family vacation, family tours, holiday tours, and even honeymoon. If you are making your holiday travel colander for 2024, then we suggest that you must add the destinations of Kaghan valley that we are sharing right here in our Naran travel guide blog 2024.

Best Places to visit in Kaghan valley in 2024

1: Shogran

Siri Paye Shogran

The first destination in Kaghan valley, Shogran is the top tourist destination of Kaghan valley. Shogran offers family vacationers a great peaceful holiday experience! In Shogran, you can enjoy the beauty of Kiwai waterfall (at gateway point of Naran & Shogran) and beautiful and greenish hill station Siri Paye. It is a must-visit place in northern Pakistan in Kaghan valley. In winter Shogran covered with snow so if you are a snow lover then you must visit Shogran in winter.

Best time to visit Shogran: March to November

2: Sharan forest

Sharan forest Kaghan valley

Sharan is another among the best places to visit in Kaghan valley for a memorable family vacation in Kaghan valley. Sharan is a greenish and peaceful tourist destination of Kaghan valley.

Best time to visit Sharan:  June to October

3: Naran


One of the top destinations in Kaghan valley, Naran is such a vibrant place! This rejuvenating family gateway is one of the best places in Kaghan valley. Naran remains closed in winters due to heavy snowfall. Since the weather in Naran gets so much better in the summer season, it gives you another reason to visit Naran. If you will plan a trip around June and July, you can explore all places in of Kaghan valley including Naran and many more.

Best time to Visit Naran: June to September

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4: Lalazar

Lalazar Kaghan valley

Another incredible place in Kaghan valley is the treasured hill destination, Lalazar is ideal to be visited during summer to enjoy its charming beauty. This place is heaven for peace lovers. Lalazar is surrounded by beautiful greenish mountains and it is a very peaceful tourist destination in Kaghan valley. This hill station is an ideal honeymoon destination apart from being an excellent place for family holidays.

Best time to visit: June to November

5: Babusar Top

Babusar top Kaghan valley

Kaghan valley’s best place, Babusar top is a beautiful place to visit in northern Pakistan. It can be visited in the summer season it remains closed in the Winter season. Babusar Pass is a very popular place in Kaghan valley.

Best time to visit Babusar Pass: June to October

6: Batakundi

Batakundi Kaghan valley

Don’t wish to visit crowded Naran but an equally beautiful place for your holiday in Kaghan valley? Then Batakundi in Kaghan valley near Naran is the answer. This place is heaven for camping lovers. Camping lovers can camp on the bank of floating Kunhar River.

Best time to visit: June to October

We are sure you must have found the best places to visit this year. Might we just add a ting detail that planning a vacation can get pretty hectic, therefore, feel free to give us a call at +92-309 7458526, or send us your queries at [email protected]. We will get back to you with the best deals and tour packages that could save your time and money.

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