The people living in Astore Valley have witnessed a heavy snowfall on Friday. Due to the heavy snowfall, the people have been restricted to their houses.

Deosai National park also received first snowfall on 1st October. Nanga Parbat and Badgoi Top also received first snowfall.

On 3rd October Babusirtop received heaven snowfall. According to media reports and locals, Babusirtop (gateway to Hunza) is temporarily closed for all kinds of traffic after yesterday’s (3rd October) heavy snowfall. Naran, Babusirtop, Hunza route will be closed for the next 5 to 6 months and will open in the Summer Holiday season in 2020. People traveling to Hunza will use Karakorum National Highway for the next 5 to 6 months.

The local administration of Chilas and Diamar area fearing roadblocks after yesterday’s heavy snowfall.  

According to locals snowfall at Babusar usually starts in November, but this year Babusartop received heavy snowfall in the first week of October and due to heavy snowfall Babusirtop road will be closed earlier this year for all kind of traffic.

Naran will also be closed soon after the second spell of snowfall. 2 Days before Saifulmalook also received first snowfall.