Top 10 Places to Visit in Hunza Valley in 2023

Hunza is a beautiful tourist destination in the northern areas of Pakistan in Gilgit Baltistan. Top 10 Places to visit in Hunza valley in 2023 are given below.

1: Ondra Fort, Gulmit

Ondra fort is located on 25 mints hike from Gulmit. Ondra fort is a beautiful tourist attraction in Hunza. For the more energetic, head up to the site of the Ondra fort Gulmit and walk across the Ghulkin/black Glacier to Borith lake (three hours trip including a hike of 25 mints). These places to amazing and tourists must include Ondra Fort Gulmit in their tour plan to Hunza.

Ondra Fort Gulmit Hunza Valley

2: Borith Lake

Borith Lake is located on 30 mints drive from Attaabad lake. This is a peaceful and quiet place. It is the best place in Hunza for those people who want to take a rest out from busy daily life. There are white Glacier and black Glaciers near to this beautiful lake that is 15 to 30 mints drive are 1 to 3 hours walk. It is the best place to visit in Hunza. Borith Lake is the best camping site in Hunza.

Bortith Lake Hotel Hunza

3: Hussani Bridge

Hussani Bridge is located on 30 mints drive from Attaabad lake. Hussani Bridge is consists of 400 steps from one end to the other end of the bridge. The bridge is secure and safe but scary for some people. However, precaution to be taken when crossing the Hussani bridge as it is still a risk to fall by accidentally. This is the most visited tourist destination in Hunza.

Hussaini Suspension Bridge

Picture Credit: Ghani CH

4: Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake is located in Shiskat Valley in Hunza and it is on 30 mints drive from Karimabad Hunza. Attabad Lake is mesmerizing in a way its gonna take your breath away!. Tourists can enjoy boating and jet ski on Attabad Lake. The luxury hotels are also available at Attabad Lake. Luxury Glamping resorts and Luxus Hunza are also on Attabad Lake. Attabad Lake is a most stunning place in Hunza Valley. It is the main attraction of the Hunza Valley.

Attaabad Lake Hunza


5: Karimabad Bazaar Hunza

Karimabad is the main tourist point in Hunza Valley. If you are visiting Hunza valley then wander the ancient cobbled streets of Karimabad and support local businesses by purchasing some handicrafts and some other local products.

Karimabad Baltit fort Hunza

6: Duikar Eagle Nest

Duikar “Eagle nest” is located in Altit with its elevation near 10000 feet, the village offers scenic views of the 8th Wonder of the world Karakoram high Way, Golden peak, Rakaposhi, Ultar, Lady Finger and several other snow-covered peaks.

Hiking to eagle nest is a wonderful and intimate experience the sunset and sunrise is a sight to behold. The eagle nest is located on 30 mints drive from Karimabad Bazaar Hunza.

Eagle nest Hunza

7: Baltit fort

Baltit Fort is an old fort that was built almost 700 years ago. The fort is located on a very Majestic and beautiful place in Hunza Valley.

Baltit Fort Hunza Valley

8: Altit fort

The Altit fort is located in Altit village in Hunza Valley Gilgit Baltistan. It is almost 1000 years old fort. It is the region’s oldest standing monuments and evidence of the valley’s feudal regime. Altit Fort is the most scenic place in Hunza Valley.

Altit Fort, Hunza Valley, Gilgit-Baltistan. (Photo by Fassi Farooq)

9: Passu Cones

Located on 30 mints drive from Attaabad lake Pass Cones is the most scenic and beautiful tourist destination to visit in Hunza Valley. The serrated peaks of pass Cones are very alluring. Passu is a peaceful town in Hunza surrounded by these magnificent mountains and with the river flowing through it. Glacier and their river run across. Pass is a great place to walk, to trek, to hike and to photography.

Passu Cones

10: Khunjerab Pass

Located on 3 hours drive from Karimabad Hunza Khunjerab Pass is a high mountain pass on the northern border of Pakistan with the Republic of China at an elevation of almost 15528 feet above the sea level. The Khunjerab Pass in the world and the highest border crossing in the world and the highest point on the Karakoram Highway. The world’s highest ATM is also at Khunjerab Pass.