Naran –Kaghan Valley

Naran is located in the Kaghan Valley in the northern area of Pakistan. Naran is famous for many reasons. Naran is the most visited tourist destination in Pakistan. There are many beautiful places to visit in Naran. Naran has beautiful lakes, waterfalls, like Saifulmalook Lake, Dudipatsar Lake, Lulusar Lake, Ansao Lake, and Piyala Lake. Naran is famous for its beautiful lush greens mountains and meadows. Lalazar meadows in Naran is the most beautiful place in Kaghan valley. The Sharan forest in the Kaghan valley is the most beautiful lush green area. People love’s to stay there in camps. In Sharan, Camping Pods are also available at low rates with all basic facilities. Shogran is also a very famous tourist spot in Kaghan valley. Siri Paye is a famous place to visit in Shogran. It takes almost 25 mints to reach Siri Paye from Shogran.

Hotels in Naran | Naran Kaghan Hotels

Naran is the hub of beautiful luxury and cheap hotels. Plenty of cheap and luxury hotels are available in Naran. Hotels in Naran are available at a very cheap price as well. In June, July, and August 95% of Hotels in Naran remain fully booked. So we will recommend to people visiting Naran to book hotels in Naran online in advance avoid any inconvenience.

Luxury Hotels in Naran | 5 Star Hotels in Naran

Naran is the Hub of beautiful hotels and resorts that can be booked online at cheap rates. Great savings on hotels in Naran, Kaghan Valley online. Good availability and great rates. Read hotel reviews and choose the best hotel deal for your stay. Here is the list of top luxury hotels in Naran.

Grey Walls Mountain Huts and Cottages

Arcadian Peridot Resort Naran

Millennium Inn Hotel Naran

Fairy Meadows Hotel Naran

Swiss Wood Cottages Naran

Afaq Hotel Naran

Mount Feast Hotel Naran

Sayyam Heights Hotel Naran

Pine Park Hotel and Resorts Naran

Mountain Top Resort Batakundi Naran

Maisonette Hotel and Resorts Naran

Hotel One Naran by Pearl Continental (PC)

Demanchi Hotel Naran

Heritage Huts Naran

Centurion Hotel Naran

Cheap Hotels in Naran | Standard 3 Star Hotels in Naran | List of Hotels in Naran

There are a lot of cheap price hotels available in Naran.  These standard 3-star hotels are the best option for families and low budget travelers. Standard Naran hotels are best for Students and for a large number of Groups. These Cheap Naran hotels offer the best packages to a large number of groups. Naran hotels offer per head student package including breakfasts and Dinners at cheap rates. Book hotels in Naran online at Tour My Pakistan. Here is a list of cheap hotels in Naran.

Galaxy Hotel Naran

Kunhar View Hotel Naran

Rose Valley Hotel Naran

Arcadian Inn Hotel Naran

Cloud Way Hotel Naran

Faran Hotel Naran

Naran Hotel Naran

Zaib Lodges Naran

Pine Track Hotel Naran

Li Grand Hotel Naran

Breeze Hotel Naran

Royal Dream Hotel Naran

Sun Beam Hotel Naran

Flora Inn Hotel Naran

Imperial Hotel Naran

Blue  Mountain Hotel Naran

Hotel One Plus Naran

Rock Wood Resort Naran

How to Book Naran Hotels Online

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