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Terichmir View Hotel

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Terichmir View Hotel is located in the heart of Chitral, at the foot of the world’s highest mountain and it offers a spectacular 360-degree view of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Terichmir View Hotel has 40 spacious rooms, each with its own private balcony.

The hotel also offers easy access for travellers with disabilities. Terichmir View hotel is a beautiful hotel. It has a great view of Terichmir Lake and has a lot of amenities. The rooms are spacious and cozy. The staff is attentive and helpful. If you’re going to Chitral and need someplace to stay this is the place to be.

The Terichmir View Hotel is an all-inclusive resort that is situated on the eastern bank of the Chitral River, which is a tributary of Kunar River. The Terichmir View Hotel sits in a serene location surrounded by pine trees and orchards.

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Terichmir View Hotel Chitral

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