Here are the reasons why should Pakistan be on your travel itinerary for 2023. Pakistan is the most peaceful and beautiful country to visit. It is not much expensive to travel in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are very kind and hospitable. Many International vloggers visited Pakistan in 2019 including Drew Binksy, Dear Alyne or Alyne Tamir, and EVA Zu Beck. Recently the British royal family Kate Middleton and Prince William visited Pakistan.  Pakistan has beautiful lakes, the Highest Mountains, and glaciers to visit. K2 the highest mountain after mountain Everest is also located in Pakistan. Pakistan is the perfect place for hikers and solo adventure travelers.

There isn’t an issue of security while traveling in Pakistan. It is completely safe to travel in Pakistan if you are visiting solo or with a group or you are a female solo traveler. Northern areas of Pakistan are very beautiful including, Naran, Kaghan, Hunza Valley, Skardu valley, Chitral, Astore, and Minimarg valley. The people of these areas are very friendly and hospitable.

Passu Cones Hunza Valley
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10 Reasons Why Adventurous Travelers Should Consider Visiting Hunza Valley

  • If you are looking for an ultimate road trip. Hunza valley is the best option for a road trip. You will reach Gilgit Airport and from there you can hire a car to travel on the Karakorum Highway (the 8th wonder of the world) and can enjoy the majestic views of beautiful Nanga Parbat and Rakaposhi peaks.


  • For those people who are addicted to technology, Hunza valley is the perfect digital detox as there isn’t wifi available in Hunza valley. There is Wifi available in hotels with a password that says talktoeachother stay away from technology and enjoy your trip and give rest to your mind.


  • People who want to know about the royal family can visit the forts of royal families the Altit Fort and Baltit fort to know about the details of the royal family of Hunza Valley.


  • You can visit the junction point of 3 Mighty Mountains and the junction of the Hunza and Gilgit rivers. You can enjoy the spectacular views of the killer mountain Nanga Parbat.


  • The most memorable part of your journey will be taking a boat ride on the beautiful Attaabad lake and staying in Luxus Hunza Attabad Lake Resort at least for one night during your travel to Hunza valley. The lake was created accidentally in 2010 due to a big landslide.


  • Walking on the beautiful but scary Hussaini Bridge will also be the part of your Hunza tour. You will enjoy the beautiful scenery while walking on Hussaini Bridge.


  • You will surely be mesmerized by the spectacular views of Passu Glacier which appears to be floating between fantasy and reality. The Passu Glacier is very beautiful and the beautiful Pass Cones increase the beauty of Hunza valley.


  • Take a ride on the narrow road and reach the most beautiful point Eagle nest in Hunza valley. It will take 20 minutes to reach there at Eagle nest. Eagle Nest is the perfect place to enjoy Sunset and Sunrise. It gives beautiful views of 7 beautiful mountains.


  • Your trip will not be complete without roaming in the beautiful Karaimabad market and buying locally made handicrafts. Do you know women of Hunza are very powerful they have skills like’s men and can do hard work as men can. You will find the majority of shops in Hunza that are run by women. Women in Hunza also have small furniture businesses and make handicrafts.


  • While flying back to Islamabad from Gilgit Pakistan International Airlines pilot will explain the features of the mountains of the Himalayas, Hindu Kush, and the Karakoram.
Attaabad Lake Hunza
Attaabad Lake Hunza

Essential Guide on traveling to Hunza

Pakistan International Airlines operates daily 2 flights to Hunza valley from Islamabad the capital city of Pakistan. It takes 45 minutes to reach Gilgit and after that, it will take 2 hours to reach Hunza.

You need a tourist visit visa to travel to Pakistan which you have to get from the Pakistani embassy. The embassy will also ask for a Letter of Invitation that you can take from Tour My Pakistan.

The best time to visit is from April to October as flights are frequently canceled during the winter and most lodges remain closed in winter.

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